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Whitby Area Contact List 2016-2017

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Whitby Area Team
Key 3
Area Commissioner Brian Wick
1101-711 Rossland Rd E
Whitby, ON L1N 8Z1
Area Youth Commissioner    Dylan Pammett
White Pine Council / Area Support Manager Heather Earle 289.688.8589
Deputy Area Commissioners - Support
DAC - Membership Roger LeDressay
32 Rosewood Crt,
Whitby ON, L1N 6Y6
DAC - Training

DAC - Onboarding Daryl Jenkins
DAC - Recognition Terry Eldridge
DAC - Community Partnerships

DAC - Finance Ron Robertson
17 Hawkstone Cres Whitby, ON L1N 6N2
Deputy Area Commissioners - Program
DAC - Program (Events)

DAC - Colony (Beaver Scouts) Anita Simmons
104 Hemingford Place
905-430 1226  
DAC - Pack (Cub Scouts) Greg Long
11 Lipton Cres, Whitby, ON L1R 1W6
AAC - Troop (Scouts) Jack Welsh
133 Stillwell Lane, Newcastle
DAC - Venturer Scouts & Rover Scouts Lewis Williams
33 Wyndfield Cres.,
Whitby L1N 8L3
DAC - The Canadian Path William Corneal
30 Josephine St PO Box 3058,
Prince Albert, ON L9L 1C1
DAC - Program Quality Standards Dianna Harrison
325 Prince Of Wales
Whitby, ON L1N 6M8
Area Service Team
Secretary Tim Pollock
1-105 Industrial Dr
Whitby, ON L1N 5Z9

Events - Pack (Cub Scouts) Greg Long
11 Lipton Cres, Whitby, ON L1R 1W6
Events - Troop (Scouts) Don Bridge
828 Centre St N
Whitby, ON L1N 4V1
Sunday Scouters' Club Larry Goucher
507 Stewart St
Whitby, ON L1N 3V3
905 668-9052  
Canoe Co-ordinator / Area Quartermaster Lewis Williams
33 Wyndfield Cres.,
Whitby L1N 8L3

Registration Support Viola Tebble
915 Centre St N,
Whitby, ON L1N 4V2
Road and Trail Scouter April Cooper 905-665-1753  
Service scouter, Whitby Scout Trail Al Halton 905-668-9485  
Area Popcorn Coordinator Sandie Barnes 905-985-6070  
Council Scouter & ScouTrees Coordinator David Reid
118 Frederick St.
Whitby ON L1N 3T4
Group Commissioners
1st Ashburn & 2nd Brooklin Marg Williamson 905-655-4908  
1st Brooklin Kevin Fitzgerald 905-655-3351  
1st Port Perry Allison Ashton 905-852-2388  
1st Whitby David Archer 905-447-0488  
4th Whitby Anita Simmons 905-430-1226  
5th Whitby Jacques Albert 905-665-0061  
7th Whitby Brian Wick 905-922-5678  
9th Whitby Susan Walker 905-432-5899  
11th Whitby Mike Mokedanz 905-720-1680  
12th Whitby Cameron Nixon (interim) 905-665-4033  
13th Whitby Bernie Loken 905-243-1107  
Durham Med Vents Daryl Jenkins 905-409-6803  

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