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Whitby Canoe Rentals

Updated April 22, 2016

Whitby Area has fourteen 16-ft. prospector canoes to help provide on-the-water experience for our youth. The following process is intended to help you reserve the canoes for your training and/or trips.

Safe Scouting Comes First

In terms of good risk management, only people who can swim are allowed to go on canoe trips. This applies to youth and leaders and other volunteers. This requires a swim test beforehand. A leader must observe and verify everyone's ability to swim. We recommend 4 lengths of a pool. Some groups rent a pool and practice canoe-over-canoe rescues along with the swim test wearing clothing. Other groups incorporate the swim test into a fun meeting night at the Whitby Civic pool. Group Commissioners who are the signing authority on the Whitby Area Float Plan are responsible to ensure that all canoe trip members can swim.

  1. Obtain the Canoe Use Application and Float Plan forms from your Group Committee or your Service Scouter, or this web site. (See Forms W1.5 (Canoe Use Application) and W1.6 (Float Form))

  2. Determine your needs for both number of canoes and need for a trailer.

  3. Plan dates for your outings plus some alternates and call the area canoe co-ordinator and arrange for your dates.

  4. Fill out the Canoe Use Application form and have it signed by your Group Committee. The Float Plan form should also be completed for all water activities, except pool sessions.

  5. Deliver the completed forms to the the area canoe co-ordinator, with payment in full. Note: these cheques and forms must come from the Group Committee a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. All canoe use requires payment of rental fees, except during winter.

  6. Call the Whitby canoe co-ordinator four days prior to your rental date to arrange a check out time. If the canoe co-ordinator is not available, he or she will get an alternate key holder.

  7. Make sure you leave enough time to inspect the canoes for damage. Minor scratches and scrapes are considered normal wear and tear. Hull damage will be professionally repaired and these charges will be the responsibility of the group. Note: A minor hole or tear would normally cost between $50 and $100.

  8. Canoe return should be arranged the same as in point 6 above. Make sure there is enough time to re-inspect the canoes and sign them back in.

Trailer for Canoes

Please note: Trailer use is not automatic and should be requested. We will supply paddles, bailers and throw bags, however groups need to provide a sound-signalling device for each canoe. We recommend a personal whistle attached to the PFD.

Both canoe trailers have 1-7/8" ball, only one is written on the tongue.
Each member of your trip needs a PFD that fits them correctly. Any clarification of this process may be referred to the area commissioner or the Whitby canoe co-ordinator.

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