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Important Scouting Web Links for Whitby Area Scouting

Group and section sites in Whitby Area

A few groups and sections in the district have set up their own web sites. If you know of a group, section, or patrol site in Whitby that we don't have listed, please send an e-mail to the webmaster, so we can get it listed. (See them on the home page.)

Group sites:
Facebook Group
1st Whitby Group
7th Whitby
9th Whitby Facebook Page
9th Whitby Venturers
12th Whitby Beavers
12th Whitby Cubs
1st Brooklin
2nd Brooklin
1st Port Perry
Whitby Scout Trail

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Rent Whitby canoes

Links to sites outside Whitby Area

Whitby Area is a member of various larger groupings of Scouts arranged in a hierarchy as follows:

We don't keep a large list of links here, however, we prefer to link to others who specialize in maintaining lists of Scouting links:

Uniforms and supplies

For Scout supplies and uniforms visit the Scout Shop at Camp Samac in Oshawa.

Scouts Canada It starts with Scouts

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